kitunenoyomeiri plan

Hello everyone!

I am worried about the outbreak of the new virus and hay fever.

The other day, I photographed three patterns of a fox’s bride®︎ style image
This time, me and the makeup staff Sekita and Matsuura will introduce styles to everyone! !

The first one is a blue fox!

I asked Ito for makeup and Matsuura for the model.

This style has a beautiful and cool image using blue makeup and white wig! !
The lip also uses bluish pink to give a sense of unity




And the art make-up of the second photo depicts cluster amaryllis!


The cluster amaryllis has a strong red image, but the blue cluster amaryllis is also wonderful with a different atmosphere! !
This cluster amaryllis can be written by adding the art makeup option $ 5,000 (excluding tax) to the regular plan.

Let’s touch the model, Mr. Matsuura


I touched the baton and I ’m Matsuura, the makeup staff.
The second one is a cherry-colored fox!

I asked Matsuura for the make-up, and I asked Mr. Ito, a supermodel who is proud of the Tokyo store ♡

This style has a cute atmosphere using pink eyeshadow with slightly different colors!
The cute pin clip and the cherry blossom pattern on the forehead are also cute points



And art makeup is perfect for this season’s cherry blossom motif.
The cuteness is already overflowing (º﹃º ♡). !
The cherry blossom illustrations here can also be written by adding the art makeup option ¥ 5,000 (excluding tax) to the regular plan.


Then we will finally touch Baton on Sekida.


I touched the baton, and I’m Sekida, the makeup staff (* ´∀` *)

The third one is a purple fox! !


I asked Sekida for makeup and Iwahashi for the model (* ‘︶` *) ♡
This style is finished with a purple make-up and a black hair wig and a fascinating and fascinating atmosphere



A photo with eyes closed gives a more mysterious atmosphere. * ଘ (੭ * ˊᵕˋ) ੭ *
I don’t do art make-up this time, but it is sure that not only red art make-up but also colors such as black and purple will suit (・ `ω ・ ´)

That’s it from Sekida


That’s all about the fox wedding style ~ * 〜 (੭ * ˊᵕˋ) ੭ *

How! ! !


Here is good news for everyone ☆☆☆
It was an extension until March 31
Transformation photo C course,
Many people may not be able to go out as expected due to the unexpected outbreak of coronavirus and may not be able to come to experience ・ ・ ・
Therefore! ! !

Makeover Photo C Course $ 50,000 (excl. Tax) will be extended from April 1 to May 10! ! !


With the use of the makeover photo course C plan, which has been extended
How about the three changes of luxury fox marriage like this time?
You can also enjoy art makeup for an additional 5,000 yen (excluding tax)!

In addition, the last shooting booth “Gypsy caravan”


Since it is open,
Combine your favorite plans
Please enjoy your own transformation photo C course ♪ (‘▽ `)


Then we look forward to your visit