NEW OSHiBANA POTORE -Pressed Flower Portrait -START Until August 31, 2024

Hello everyone, this is photographer Shimoyama!

This time we are announcing a new campaign plan for the summer!
The campaign plan introduced here is the “OSHiBANA POTORE -Pressed Flower Portrait-“ that was previously offered at the Tokyo studio.

We will be back with new costumes and studio decorations!

Please take a look at the photos first⭐️

How do you like it?
The previous Oshibana Portrait was impressive for its clean and fresh atmosphere, This time, we took photos with
a soft and fantastic atmosphere for the renewal of Oshibana Portrait!

Even if you have tried pressed flower portraiture before,
you can take photos with a different image than last time⭐️

Let me show you not only the atmosphere of the photos, but also what has actually been renewed!
First of all, we have added a new white dress!

The preparation and atmosphere when we had done it before was very cute and very popular, but this new outfit dress, a pure white dress with lace around the neck and sleeves, is also a very cute preparation❤️

The back view looks like this!
The ribbons and lace up are so cute❤️
This outfit looks cute not only from the front but also from the back, so I’m really looking forward to taking pictures from all sorts of angles♪

However, please note that the position of the lace up on the costume may change depending on your body shape.

So far I have introduced the costumes, but…
If it is a one-piece or swimsuit,
You can also bring in your own dress or swimsuit!
Please consult with us when you make your reservation!
We recommend white or light colors.

And this time we added a canopy to the background of the photo☆

The canopy curtains give the studio an elegant, gorgeous, and glamorous look!
The canopy gives the booth a different feel from the previous Oshibana Portrait  and pink ribbon charity plans!

The light from behind illuminates the canopy, creating a fluffy photo.

水着撮影 東京

We understand that some of you may prefer the bright atmosphere of the previous set with plenty of natural light,
This time, you can choose between a canopy or no canopy before the shoot!
Both the gorgeous room-like set with a canopy and the bright atmosphere set without a canopy with natural light
are very attractive.
It’s hard to choose!

Please note that due to the brightness of the room, the 2:00 p.m. start time will be the final registration time.

I will post a lot of photos at the end, so I hope you can see what the atmosphere of Oshibana Portrait Plan is like.

OSHiBANA POTORE -Pressed Flower Portrait –

Price: 21,500 yen (23,650 yen including tax)
Period: June 1, 2024 to August 31, 2024
Shooting Booth: grange garden
You can choose to have a canopy or not.
Goods: 3 retouch data
*If you want all the data you shot, you will need to pay an additional 11,000 yen (tax included) for the All Data Option (unedited) in addition to the above price.
*False eyelashes and wigs will not be used.
*Due to space, costumes, and decorations, reservations are limited to one person at a time.
Therefore, group photos cannot be taken.
Discounts and coupons cannot be used.

For reasons of brightness, the 2:00 p.m. start time will be the last time we will accept applications.

Only two types of dresses and white swimsuits are available in our store.
Please see below for detailed sizes.
The sizes listed are Japanese sizes.


① Off-White Dress
Length: 110cm(S) 110cm(L)
Bust: 84cm(S) 92cm(L)
Waist:60cm-70cm(S) 67cm-78cm(L)
Shoulder width: 36cm(S) 38cm(L)

The lace-up dress is adjustable in size.

It is stretchy.
Bust: up to approx. 85 cm
Waist: up to approx. 80 cm
Hips: up to approx. 100 cm

Only dress or swimsuits can be brought in. Please consult us at the time of reservation.