This is Tanaka, a makeup staff member ✨


♡Major announcement♡

That plan that was very popular at Esperanto Kyoto!


will be revived in Minami Aoyama!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


“Why isn’t Prima Lolita being held in Tokyo…?”

We’ve received a lot of requests like this, but we’ve finally come to Tokyo✨


We’re also doing new image shoots in Tokyo.
We took a lot of cute photos, so we’d like to introduce them to you! 💕


ロリータ体験 東京


So cute!!!

First of all, the cuteness of Puri Loli comes from this voluminous outfit!

It’s made with plenty of lace and frills, and has a very luxurious feel ♡(。☌ᴗ☌。)

It’s genius cute, isn’t it… ♡

This ivory outfit is sure to turn you into a neat and tidy young lady (୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧


ロリータ体験 東京


The makeup is doll-like and girly🧸

There are no restrictions on the color of the makeup, but if you want a “classic cute look!”, we recommend pink or brown tones 💖

It goes well with both a full transformation makeup like this time and a slightly more natural makeup!

Enjoy it with your favorite atmosphere ✨


ロリータ体験 東京


This mint green costume is also very cute!

It’s refreshing and has a sophisticated urban chic,

It’s the color recommended by the makeup staff 💚☘️


ロリータ体験 東京


For the ivory and green costumes, we have prepared a hat as a hair accessory 👒

If you wear it diagonally, it becomes a hat,
and if you wear it straight, it looks like a bonnet from the front ♡

It can be worn in 2 ways, so choose the way you like!


ロリータ体験 東京


And this is the pink dress!

It’s really “lovely” and “cute”!

The This is a costume that will turn you into a girl 🦩💕



A bonnet is available as a hair accessory for this pink costume ♡

There are three types of dedicated wigs!

The basic style of the dedicated wig is a braided down style.

Therefore, you can choose from three styles:

– Both sides up (all photos in this blog are arranged with both sides up)

– One side down

– Braided down style

The colors of the dedicated wig are silver, milk tea, and light pink.

This time, a light pink wig is used for the ivory costume, and a milk tea wig is used for the green costume!
For the pink costume, a “pink brown” wig other than the dedicated wig is used, but you can choose any wig in our store 💕
*The number of wigs that can be customized is limited.


You can also choose the atmosphere of the shoot!

A refreshing room in the afternoon, bathed in bright sunlight…


ロリータ体験 東京


A warm room lit by soft lights after the sun has set…


ロリータ体験 東京


Both are so cute that it’s hard to choose!

If you’re one of those people, this is a must-try!!
We recommend experiencing it not just once, but twice, three times, with different costumes✧*。٩(*☌ᴗ☌)و✧*。


ロリータ体験 東京


Of course, group photos are also available!
For an additional 3,850 yen (tax included) per person, you can take about 10 cute group photos like this!
You will also receive one additional photo of the retouched data that you can choose from within the plan, so we recommend adding it if you are experiencing it with multiple people✨

*Due to the size of the photo booth, we limit the number of people who can take group photos at the same time to three.


There are four types of costumes in total!


プリマロリィタ 衣装


! ! Points to note! !
The costume this time is a size M, it is not stretchy and has a zipper, so please pay attention to the size.
It is smaller than the costumes we provide for regular Lolita experiences.

・Size M(JPsize)
Length 102cm
Bust 88cm
Waist 70cm

“Huh? I haven’t seen the photo of the lavender costume…”
If you’re thinking this!

That’s right ♡
We changed the atmosphere a little with the lavender costume, so we will introduce it in another blog ♡♡

A symbol of pop culture
Lolita fashion is Japanese KAWAII culture

Jump into the cute world you’ve always dreamed of ♥

to be continued…☆


ロリータ体験 東京




¥ 27,500
(tax included ¥ 30,250)

Period: 2024.7.1 (Mon) – 2024.8.31 (Sat)

Special outfit
Number of shots: About 30 shots
Photo booth: Grunge Garden
Retouched data: 3 sheets included

※Costume size
・M size(JPsize)
Length 102 cm
Bust 88 cm
Waist 70 cm

※If the costume size does not fit on the day, you can change to a different plan at the same photo booth.

※You will choose your costume when you make your reservation.
Please choose from “ivory, green, pink, lavender”.

*Up to three people can experience the experience together wearing different costume colors.

*Only nail tips can be brought in.

*Three dedicated wigs are provided.

*The wigs that can be arranged are limited.

*Natural hair arrangements are not permitted.
You will be required to wear a wig provided by our studio.

*Hair accessories are fixed to the costume.

*Group photo
About 10 shots 3,500 yen per person (3,850 yen including tax) *Reservation required

After the individual photo shoot, a group photo shoot will be held.
One additional photo will be added to the number of photos in the plan you choose.
Due to space restrictions, the number of people is limited to three.

*Cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts, etc.