– Revival series – Yogitsune no Urei

Fog smoke

Invited by ”Oborozukiyo”

Youkai lose way

She linger quietly
-dark color bride-

There’s no fear on your way
but maybe some on your way back

Where is “I”


By the way.
Today’s blog started in a disturbing atmosphere!??

Significant announcement.



A bride who was very popular at the Kyoto store.
”Yogitsune no Urei” as a limited-time Revival plan,
I’m coming to Minami Aoyama!!

Fresh in Minami Aoyama,

A dark kimono plan for the first time in a long time.

My high excited and my blood pressure is rising.

Let’s take a look at the photo!!


bloodlessness face^^
The black-haired hime cut wig looks like a Japanese doll.
The biggest point of “kitsune no yomeiri” is
double line flowing through the eye hole
For customers who want to create a mysterious atmosphere
It is recommended to distort the line.
This eyeshadow is
Finished with silver x purple x bronze.
The black of the double line stands out.



Beautiful black cotton hat with embroidery,
Actually, it is an original item of the Kokoro Group!

After repeated meetings with craftsmen,
It’s a finished gem.
Chrysanthemum flowers decorated with gold and silver thread on a black background.
Very beautiful!
Please take a look at the details when you experience it.



The costume is…
We have a dedicated ”Kakeshita” and “Uchikake”.
You can choose the obi from “black”, “gold”, or “red” base.
We recommend a dark color with a profound feeling.
In this shooting
I wanted to have a cold atmosphere…
Select silver obi.
This obi that shines wet …
I’m quite a favorite!



Click here for details↓

Yogitsune no Urei

¥25,500 (28,050 including tax)
Limited time offer 30 April , 2022
Complete set
Shooting booth: Shinshu
Shooting: Approximately 30 cuts
Handing over: 3 development correction data

* The combination of Wataboushi, Uchikake, and Kakeshita is Cannot be changed.
(Please refrain from bringing in costumes.)
* Choose from “black”, “gold”, or “red” base for the obi.
* The color of the wig is not fixed, but black and white are recommended.
* You can bring up to 1 item, excluding wigs and nail tips.
(Please note that we may refuse to bring in small items that are far from the image of the plan.)
* Cannot be used in combination with other campaigns or coupons.
* There is only one costume, so if you make a reservation with multiple people, it will be in order.