Popular Japonisme style

Hello everyone!

I am Shiori, a staff member of Esperanto Kokoro Minami-Aoyama Studio.

Today, we would like to introduce some of our customers who have experienced the Japonisme style, which has been well received by our overseas customers.

Please see photos!

How wonderful…!

The red-based photo and the silver wig are a perfect match.

Please continue with this photo!

Wow, what a beutiful photo!

The props used in this photo are higanbana.

She added the smoke machine option (3,850 yen including tax) to this shoot.

The smoke machine effect can produce cooler pictures.

The kimono she chose was “Gashadokuro”

It is a very popular kimono in Japonisme style.

It has a strong impact and is chosen by many customers both domestically and internationally.

And there is another popular item in Japonisme.

it is…


Katana that look even cooler just by holding them are very popular.

If you would like to use a sword in a photo shoot, please let the photographer know at the time of photo shoot.

At Esperanto Minami Aoyama Studio, you can take photos in your favorite style using a kimono.

Why not try it out as a memory of your trip to Japan?

We look forward to your reservations!


The plans that our customers experienced this time are as follows.

Makeover A couse(style is Japonisme)
25,850 yen (tax in)
*Please note that tax exemption is not possible.
Complete set: 1style
Booth: 1booth
Photo shooting: 30shots
Goods: 3 retouched data (*Chosen from 30 shots )

For this customer, a smoke machine (3,850 yen including tax) is added to the above price as an option.


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