revival 花あわせ

♻︎Revival Series♻︎~oiran hanaawase~2023 Tokyo edition

Hello everyone.
This is Kageyama, a member of our make-up staff.

Today I have an urgent announcement‼︎

It was very popular at Kokoro Hana Shizuku in Kyoto,

“Oiran hanaawase”

It will be reprinted at Esperanto Minami Aoyama store!
Please take a look at the photos first🌸


revival 花あわせ


The biggest flower that attracts the eye most of all!!!
It is a huge flower that covers half of your face❤️

With pure white peonies, it creates a pure atmosphere ✨
There is a saying,Standing style is as grass peony, sitting as peony, walking style is lily.
The flower called peony blooms at the tip of a slender stem, resembling a beautiful woman standing there.
Peonies bloom on branched horizontal branches, so they look like beautiful women sitting on them.
The way the lily sways in the wind is said to resemble a beautiful woman walking.

Peony flowers are a symbol of beautiful women❤️



The theme of Hanaawase is “Hanafuda (Japanese playing cards) ” ✨
Hanafuda are attached to the hair ornaments.
The hairpins on the topknot are, from left to right, “Inoshika-chou” (wild boar butterfly).

This Date Hyogo topknot is a special specification for “Oiran hanaawase”✨
If you would like to experience it with your natural hair color, it is also possible to experience it with a Date Hyogo topknot that is close to your natural hair color.
Please feel free to consult our makeup staff.


revival 花あわせ


Next, please pay attention to the “decorative obi”.

The voluminous obi decoration is full of the festive mood of the New Year.
There are also Hanafuda cards on the obi…♡


revival 花あわせ


At Oiran hanaawase, you can take the very popular lying-on-your-back shot with the Date Hyogo topknot.
When lying down, we ask you to take off the Uchikake so we can see the cute Furisode inside
Please take a look at this kimono, which is a very cool pattern in red, white and black New Year’s colors.
By the way…the role of the Hanafuda scattered on the Uchikake is [gokou(halo)]
This is the highest-ranking role in Hanafuda

You can also wear a gorgeous Uchikake with a cool kimono!
In this Minami Aoyama studio reissue, you can choose one from three types of Uchikake: red, black, and green.


revival 花あわせ


♻︎Revival Series♻︎~oiran hanaawase~

26,500 yen (29,150 yen including tax)
Limited time: Saturday, November 18, 2023 – Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Oiran hanaawase exclusive hair makeup and costume set
Shooting booth [Shinsyu] or [Kinkaku]
Number of shots taken: Approximately 30 shots
goods: 3 retouch data
If you wish to receive all data, an additional fee of 11,000 yen (tax included) will be required.

*Please choose either red [4], black [5] or green [7] for Uchikake.
*Only nail tips can be brought in.
*You cannot bring in wigs, photo props, etc.
*Date Hyogo Topknot is available in red or in a color that matches your natural hair.
*The pressed flowers to be applied to your face are included in the plan fee.
Since it is a very delicate item, if damage occurs, the type of flower may change without prior notice.
Please acknowledge it beforehand.
*If you add the permanent makeup option, pressed flowers cannot be attached to the face.
*There is only one set available, so if you would like to experience it with multiple people, you will have to experience it in order.
*Cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts.